Nowaday, the need for equipment, solutions to manage, monitor and control the system of equipment and machines remotely is increasingly popular and plays a very important role, the solution to support users to monitor the process. operation of machinery and equipment, through which an appropriate maintenance and maintenance plan can be developep.

Saomai Solution Group with many years of experience in providing automation equipment and solutions in manufacturing plants, smart factory solutions with a solid foundation, large-scale production factories and enthusiastic technical team and seasoned experience combined with a team of specialized programming engineers with many years of experience, the system manufactured and designed by SSG ensures comprehensiveness, suitability and brings many benefits to customers..


Smart box is a package solution, neatly integrated in a compact steel box to operate, monitor and control the system of equipment and machines remotely, anytime, anywhere through smart devices with support. Internet connection, such as: laptop, smartphone, tablet, ..

Using the Smartbox solution to monitor and monitor the operation status of production machines remotely will help businesses manage the entire status of machinery and equipment. The solution helps to calculate the productivity as well as the operation of the machine, can make statistics of the working time, the indicators of the machine system. Thereby, it will control the system’s productivity, give warnings when abnormal errors appear.

In addition to the function of supporting, monitoring and centrally controlling the system of machinery and equipment at factories, Smartbox also performs the function of collecting, synthesizing and analyzing data to ensure stable operation of the system. bring high efficiency, support construction, maintenance planning and maintenance to improve efficiency, production productivity, save costs, personnel and enhance competitive position of enterprises.

Why’s a compact box? To separate the control part, operate with the machine tool. Smartbox is designed so that it can be installed next to machine tools, or installed in machine control cabinets, without affecting the operation or maintenance of the machine and clearly separating the responsibilities of the parties involved. into the machine operating system..


Structure of Smartbox include:


The management, monitoring and control software system is installed on a compact mini PC placed in a Smartbox, based on input information such as machine installation information, goods, etc. to manage, monitor and control Remote control of equipment systems.

The software system is built to meet the maximum needs of management, monitoring and control of equipment and machinery systems. Includes the following main functions:

  1. Connecting machine data to the production management system, digitizing all data
  2. Remote real-time production control and monitoring, ensuring transparent production process
  3. Control maintenance, maintain repair records. Ensure safe operating conditions.
  4. Enter standards, production conditions and ensure product quality in every stage.
  5. Manage machine calibration according to the set parameters
  6. Monitor equipment performance on dashboard screen or webview
  7. The system warns and automatically locks the production if the standards are not met
  8. Alerts/notifications when problems occur
  9. Manage, supervise and solve problems in the production process
  10. Aggregate data and create business value from production data
  11. Display table: machine performance, operating time, production plan, breakdown / cause, maintenance schedule, maintenance … are summarized and displayed in the form of a graph

12. Webview interface: monitor operation on phone, tablet, PC app
13. Integration with production management systems, smart factory systems…


Peripheral devices such as sensors, barcode scanners, PDA scanners, etc. of machinery and equipment at the factory will be connected to the I/O pins and Ethernet ports on the Smartbox to perform the function of transferring data to PLC and Mini PC.

From the collected data, specialized software on the PC will analyze and process the data and then issue commands to execute the plant’s technological process.

HDMI, USB ports allow Smartbox to connect to computer monitors, mice, and keyboards, making Smartbox easy and flexible to deploy.

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