1. What is Blockchain Game?

Blockchain Game (also known as NFT game or Crypto game) is a game genre that includes elements using blockchain technology with a database that will be distributed over an extensive network, not centralized in a particular server like traditional games.

“Blockchain is a blockchain technology that allows secure data transmission based on an extremely complex cryptographic system. Each block contains information about its creation time and is linked to the previous block, along with a timecode and transaction data. Once the network accepts the data, it is impossible to change it. Once a record is added to the chain, it is nearly impossible for them to change or be affected by other factors, making it extremely difficult to cheat the system.”

Blockchain is a blockchain technology that allows the transmission of data securely

The system will be clearly and strictly decentralized when games are built on the blockchain platform. This means that the game will not be fully owned and controlled by publishers like in traditional games, but the players and those who own the game’s digital assets will have the right to coordinate the game.

In addition, with the application of blockchain technology, Blockchain Games also eliminate the “pay-to-win” factor commonly found in traditional games. Instead, the randomness and uniqueness of the items you own in the game. This will contribute to a more enjoyable experience for players and increase revenue for publishers.

Blockchain elements in Blockchain Games were often based on using cryptocurrencies or non-fungible tokens/assets (NFTs). Blockchain technology will also allow players to take full ownership of their game assets and trade directly with other players.

2. SAOMAI builds and develops NFT Play to Earn Game

As a pioneer in software technology, we are confident in building and developing quality Blockchain Game titles with great features. Especially NFT Play to Earn games.

What is the game NFT Play to Earn?

Play-to-earn is a game genre that allows users to collect cryptocurrency and NFTs by completing in-game quests. Players can accumulate many tokens by playing games regularly and sell them in exchange for generating income. Some gamers even see this as a main income-generating job. Most play-to-earn games are built on a pre-existing blockchain and have NFT support. These technologies have helped create tokens and irreplaceable items in the game, partly creating a particular scarcity of items. ”

GoBall – Play to Win, More to Earn

GoBall is Saomai’s product based on Blockchain technology. The game was developed by combining Blockchain and the fun sport of “soccer.” We aim to create a platform not only for NFT collection but also one where users can equip their NFT players with uniquely designed items and sensory experiences. The thrill of fast-paced multiplayer ball games.

GoBall is a combination of passion for football and blockchain technology

GoBall is a potential project of NFT gaming that can bring income to players, combining Play to Earn and Skill to Earn. Coming to GoBall, players can not only participate in daily matches, but also practice skills through mini-tournaments and World Cup tournaments for the opportunity to receive super attractive prizes. Through the above features, I believe that GoBall will be a pioneering Game that helps players make money strongly through playing games, helping the Play to Earn & Skill to Earn movement really explode

With the ambition to lead the Trend of Skills for Monetization and easy-to-access gameplay, GoBall promises to bring more features and attractive tournaments and attract more investors. Thereby making the community stronger and stronger.
Based on the fact that players will interact more directly with each other, GoBall will understand the player community well and will thrive in the future.